Scarey Kokomo house

by Jj Armstrong
(Kokomo Indiana)

The year was 2010 and there was a happy family they were the armstrong's.One night a little girl was slepping in the livingroom she was 10 years old and she woke up middle of the night and she saw a person standing next to her while she was sleeping she rushed in to her mom and dads room really quickly and woke up he mom and she told her what she saw and then her mom came out in the livingroom and the man was gone. Then the older sister came out and said what is going on they told her what was going on and the older sister told us what she herd she said she herd her name being callled while she was sleeping and she said it felt like someone was toching her on her leg.And the mom said lets go back to bed and try to get some sleep and in the morning we will talk about this in the morning. And thee next day they talk about it and the mom told them that she saw the figure of man waling from the dining room to the livingroom and the kids were slepping and so she went to check it out and everyone was sleeping and she went back to bed.In the year of 2011 they moved out of the house inkokomo indiana and right now it is not standing any more.

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