Anyone who knows about this town know what kinda of unexplained things that go on around there. I have lived here for 4 years. Sasakwa use to be native American territory. The native Americans that use to live there are still around. Also back in the old days, outlaws would go there to hide bodies and kill people the owe them. Their souls still roam. The people who have lived here for awhile have stories to tell of random banging out walls and doors, Shadows appearing and disappearing, cabinets banging, lights going off for no reason, if you can think of it its happened. I for one have see all that i mentioned. I use to come home from work around 3 am and I'd hear native America drums playing in the woods next to my house. I have a friend that lived across the track who said they would hear flutes. Theirs also a native American burial ground. I only been there once and I'm not going back, lets not forget the cemetery either. That's spooky as well. There's all kinds of unexplained activities out there. The whole town of Sasakwa, Oklahoma is haunted. Everyone house has something in it. Or someone.

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