When I was younger I lived on a big farm in a small cottage. It was close to Christmas and I was about 9 or 10. I was playing video games while my parents went to get my older sister from school. (My elementary school got out earlier than middle school) so I was all alone. Suddenly, I remember my bedroom door just slamming shut. I was very used to my door opening up because of the way the house was built. But never before had it shut by itself. I calmly walked out of the living room and outside until my parents were back.

Another encounter was at my sister's 13th birthday party. Me and my friend were walking through an old barn which was used for a "jail" back when slaves were around. While we were walking through we heard an shuffling where the old chains were. I turned around and screamed, only because I thought it was one of my sister's friends. No one was there. As we were walking back to the old storage barn where my sister's party was, we both saw what looked like a skinny old man in the top window. I told her I thought it was just a board, and we both agreed to that. But the next day as I went to check on my two horses, I saw nothing was there...
Another story is when I lived on another farmhouse on another farm. I was inside watching T.V. when I heard a loud clank. I thought my dad had come in from mowing the fields, and was putting food in my dogs' bowl. I ran downstairs to tell him I had already fed the dogs, but no one was there. I walked back upstairs, and sat down on the couch, denying that I heard something. As I sat down and started watching T.V. again, something fell in the kitchen. That time I shot out of the room, and never go inside that house until someone else is is there as well.

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