samia when i was in bangladesh

(bangladesh to maine to usa)

This is a story which is true and is not really reconized, when I was in bangladesh I was sleeping, when my grandmother went to go to the bathroom and while she was walking she heard a voice and saw a figure. It came up to her and my grandmother stood still while it past her, she fainted and mom woke up because she went to get a glass of water. She saw grandmother and screamed, my uncle woke up and saw her and he carried grandmother to a room and put her on the bed. I was 1 years old that time and I was still sleeping when I felt something hitting me. I woke up and started to cry and mom came and got me. I was still crying but then it went outside.

My other uncle was outside walking when he saw three men walking and calling someone. He ran and started to knock on the door, mom opened it and he came in out of breath. Then my family moved to the maine even though I was a muslim we lived in a big house but everything in it was haunted. Tables moved, rocking chairs rocked, chairs fell right in front of us doors banged walls knocked it was scary!!!!

then my family moved to usa where it was safe and we had a great life even though in bangladesh my grandmas house started to go haunted they say my grandpa returned from his grave sight

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Dec 13, 2012
sympathy NEW
by: viola

it was so sad but scary.

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