Salt Lake City, UT

When i first met my husband we were staying with some friends in downtown. We left the hotel that we were at to go to a cheaper one. When we got to the other one it was on state street and quite a bit run down and full of strange people. We decided just to stay for a little while until we could find somewhere better to go. The room was small we had a bed and a small TV that stood on a computer desk, a mini refrigerator, and one big mirror that sat on the wall on the right side of the room. Both me and my husband got a weird feeling about the mirror so we covered it up with a blanket. Almost every night since we had gotten into that hotel we would hear knocking on the wall behind the mirror and it would actually move the mirror because it was so hard of a knocking. We played it off as just the neighbor to the right of us. It happened so much and almost always during the early morning to midday. Things started to get weirder and weirder as time went on. First i was making our bed and i had put all of the bedding on the floor under the mirror and was straightening out the sheets, as i got finished with them i stood straight up to turn around and the blanket just flew off the mirror straight down onto the floor it twisted like a banner in the wind but there was no breeze in the room. This happened twice to me and i told my husband about it he said we will just have to put it up tighter and played it off. I then talked to our neighbor a few days later and she said her bed was on the right side of her room and she left for work everyday at 7 am and didn't get back until after 5 pm and she thought it was us knocking on the wall. We got really creeped out and decided to try and find a way to get out of there. A few days before we left every time my husband would take a nap he would smell old perfume so strong it would choke him.

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