Rutland High school- Rutland Vermont

by Sam LaRock
(Rutland, Vermont)

I'm a senior at rutland high school and it's my first year at the school. When I first started I noticed some things right off, the school felt strange but not because it was new. It felt like someone was watching me all the time when I was alone. Recently I was in the girls bathroom by the nurses office, I had heard the door open to the bathroom and someone walk into the stall next to me but when I got out and looked again to see who was there the stall was empty an a slight fog was on the floor, almost like a mist. I've seen the mist a few times being at the school and thought nothing of it till today, I am mid certain there is another ghost besides "smokey" at the school. I wish we could get TAPS in there and find out for us.

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