Rosalie, Nebraska

(Rosalie, NE)

One of my cousin's uncle and aunt live in an old house. In the 1890's a mother purposely threw her child into a boiler in the same, renewed house they live in. Just about a month ago they started seeing and hearing paranormal things. They never thought much of it until this weekend while eating out in Wayne, Nebraska my cousin's mom and dad (sister of his uncle) began telling us about recent things going on. They have saw doors closing, lights flickering, their dog barking at midair, and a tingly feeling like someone is breathing on your neck. It started to fright my cousin's uncle and aunt so bad that they asked their oldest daughter (2nd grade) if she feels safe in this house at night. She replied ''Yes, I do know'' They replied ''Why?'' Then terrifyingly she replied ''Because I have a friend in the closet.''

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