Roebling Elementary School Roebling, NJ

by Jon Brady
(Roebling, NJ)

One evening I was riding my bike down hornburger ave in Roebling, and I looked over at the basketball courts, and I saw a basketball bouncing, nobody was around or playing basketball. I started to go down the hill and when I got maybe 5 or 6 yards close to it, the basketball suddenly fell to the ground. It was around 8pm on a friday night 2010. other people saw the same thing that I saw, But you know I really did not beleave what they said. I use to go to that school, and my friend when she use to go there, she thought she saw a ball of light fly from one end of the library to the other. Even teachers said they have heard voices in the basement art room. I did not really see or hear anything, but my friends have.

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