Rochester, NY - Rochester Museum and Science Center on East Avenue

Arthur Caswell Parker is just one of the founding fathers of this place. Arthur had a office inside the museum which is now a dark room for paper. He is buried on the museum campus. He is and can be a unpredictable ghost but he is not a harmful ghost. I have experienced many things as I used to volunteer there. I have experienced his apparition, lights flickering on and off, and things moving on their own. One day when I ended up in a electric scooter, every time I went to back out of the elevator, the scooter would shut down each time and that was because Arthur knows I can walk and it was his way of letting me know he was there. If you happen to go, the most haunted places in the museum are the Face To Face exhibit, At The Western Door, the third floor, and any other part in the museum that is dimly lit. If you happen to take photos in the parts of the museum that I have mentioned, I would assure you that you will capture a orb or apparition, just make sure there are not people around. Arthur C. Parker does likes to make his spirit known but his spirit is harmless.

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