Riverside General Hospital, Houston TX

by S. Phillips
(Houston, TX)

I worked at this hospital about 14 years ago for only about 7 months as a contract worker and my co-worker saw a nurse walking away from the nurses station when the unit was locked and no one was on the unit. The night nurse would not shut the lights fully off after she saw dark shadows on wall by the nurse station ( in the original maternity section) , now used for other reasons . Our children on unit would tell the night nurse to tell "the old lady to stop waking them up". At that time we used that unit as a Children's psychiatric unit and I felt uncomfortable as I did not want the kids to be thought as hallucinating, for it was not their imagination. I am not sure how that unit or other units are being utilized today..

Riverside General was the first black hospital in houston, and it is still used today in different ways. An older historic building in the 3rd ward of Houston. I am sure the community or anyone( Hosp. administrators) else does not talk about these events as it would not be suitable to have a hospital with resident spirits, I had learned this was couple of old staff who had died, and no one had told us either until we talked about it..Although, it would not have bothered me I just wished we had been at least told. I don't believe any of these spirits were hostile or doing anything bad, but maybe just playing with people's fears..

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