rileys biliard pub albany oregon

I used to work for columbia distributing which is a beer delivery company. I was making my delivery which had to be taken downstairs into the basement of the two story late 1800s early 1900s building I unlocked the basement door and immediately heard a sound which resembled wooden shoes walking down the old wooden stairway into the basement. Went I entered the stairway to go into the basement I was halfway down when I saw what appeared to be a litle girl at the base of the stairwell! She was there for a brief moment then vanished she was wearing very old clothing a white dress with small flowers print all over. I continued into the cooler to finish my delivery when I began to hear loud sounds in the far corner of the basement at tht point I rushed out of the basement and confronted the bartender with my experience and she responded that there is a little girl and an adult male and female spirit that inhabit the establishment and will make their appearance in the basement and on the both the main floor and upstairs. They are known to move small items and alter decorations on the 2nd floor. I refused to deliver beer to this bar after my experience and my company had another driver deliver there ever since!

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