Rifle, Co. 327 East 3rd Street

by Anonymous Tentant
(Rifle, Co)

This is a one bedroom home on the historical registry, the original part of the home was built in 1908 with an addition in 1960. The tenant before me was a single lady who passed away in the home, the next single tenant after myself and my fiance died suddenly. Both of the deaths in the home came out of nowhere, and both in the exact same spot in the house. Very creepy. When I lived there I experienced quite a few things that were most definitely paranormal. I could here the dishes moving in the cupboard and look to find them stacked differently than I had put them, cupboards would open, lights would turn on and off in the living room, and I could hear a door creaking and it sounded like the door in between the bathroom and extra room would be the one creaking but this door was completely sealed shut without even a door handle. I took pictures of the house to find multiple orbs circling the room... Even on my last day there cleaning the house after my tenancy I went to lock the front door and as I was on the walkway leaving I watched the curtains move to the side like someone was looking and then fell back down. It sat empty for a couple months and I would drive by on the way to the new house and periodically I would drive by and see the lights on in different rooms at different times. The landlord confirmed that there was no one in the home at the times the lights were on. It was always super creepy and being a sensitive like I am the evil spirit in the home would reek havok on my sanity, I couldn't spend time alone in the home, only the family room felt safe, everything in the older part of the house I would refuse to go into alone. I sensed 2 entities, and then also just an residual energy left over from the many people who lived in the home. I believe the evil spirit to be a demon, it came through on Ouija pretending to be a child then switched to cussing and threatening, that is not a spirit. The second spirt is more nurturing and I believe it to be the older woman who died in the home, she seems to protect against the evil spirit, she is mostly concerned about the upkeep of the house and making sure the property is taken care of.

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