Revere---Revere st. Across the street from 7-11(house with glass store door)

by Michael Hyde
(Revere, Ma. 02151)

It all started when I was staying with a friend and her family in 1994. My first encounter was when I was just waking up from a nap. I thought I was talking to my friend's brother, but when I totally woke up I realized I was alone with no home in the dark. I just assumed I was still asleep. The only thing that remains a mystery is that I remember the conversation vividly.

My next encounter was during Holy week(that is when it is most active), The family had a sword for display. The sword came down and landed perfectly in the floor, as if someone had lunged it.... The family thought nothing of it, but later I would know why!

Next was when I was watching tv in the bedroom alone. I shut the tv off, but then It went back on. I did it again, and once again it came back on. I noticed from the light of the tv that there was butt print disapearing from the other bed. I did not sleep the rest of the night.

The next day when I got home from school, I was in the kitchen and thats when the ice machine started pouring out ice.

The next day I told my friend Nancy that strange things were happening to me. She said "I know." She also told me that her family has witness many encounters with the ghost. She also told me that she talks to the "boy" in her sleep.
(We later renamed him el Ghousto!) He said he will always look out for her. She also said the he loves to play with her relatives upstairs. He is known to do the chair scene in "Poltergeist". When no one is home you can hear furniture moving. She stresses that "Holy week" makes him the most active.

I asked if she knew about the people who lived there before. She had said that the city has no record of the orignal owners.

On the next encounter we decided to skip school. We both were sleeping in the same room when we heard the door knob going back and fourth. Being the man, I got up and opened the door, but there was no one there! Later on we hear another noise from the laundry room. We open the door to see a ball bouncing, but no one bouncing it. That moment we both decided to get dress and go to school.

My last encounter was a week before graduation. It was a half day of school, and I had just got home. I was watching tv, and thats when The phone went flying acroos the room. I hear a big bang in the house. I run in the kitchen, but there is nothing there. I look in the bathroom to see the vent of the heater off the wall. I go back in the kitchen to see dishes everywhere in the sink. That was not there before!!!!

I later moved out and joined the military......

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