Rensselaer, indiana

by Unknown
(Rensselaer,indiana )

When I was little around 4-5 i lived Ina n old brick house and the landlord lived right next door and this lady was around 80 years old. Well one day i was playing and i saw a girl around my age so i said "hi and why are you in my house" after all it was only 3 a.m and she was wearing my sisters shirt. The girl had really long nails, she told me to go to sleep or she would "haunt me" so I did being little you usually listen and in the morning i woke up and there were nail marks in a doorframe were she was when i went back to sleep. The next day the lady next door asked if i wanted to help her with a fun job so i said yes because my dog had killed her cat yesterday and the job was picking berries to make raspberry jelly. And on instinct i told her what went on in the house she had rented to my mother and she told me theses exact words, " oh Claire that was my daughter" and I said" man she was yelling last night man you shoulda heard her" she said " yah i know she did that alot" so I asked how she died and the lady told me " she was standing on a still and slipped and died. And now on days of distress she comes back to Rome and the next day i told my aunt she came from a video tape and i picked it i up and put it in and it was Casper the friendly ghost.

A couple weeks later my mom was doing laundry in the basement and she heard a blood curdling screen so we left and when we left there was green eyes in shades that we never pulled back were obviously pulled back and we got to my moms friends and realized we had no cloths.
We went back and while packing we heard a BANG several time and i was little and said " ahh she's banging the broom on the basement ceiling.

After that we never went down to the basement with out the whole family. The hauntings stopped for a while and one day it happened again so we moved and never saw the house again but still live in same town now we know that the entire town is haunted.

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