red lantern road, around hoopston illinios

In the early 1900,s a farmer and his wife lived in a two story house to the right of the road on night in the winter the farmer went outside with his red lantern to check on his cows after hours of waiting for her husband to return the wife went out to look for him but she to did not return to the house. when spring came and the snow melted the mutilated bodies of the farmer his wife and his cows were all found not far from the house. It is reported and from my own experience if you go down the road stop before the bridge that is next to the house you have to honk three times before u cross that bride if you do that after you cross you will see a light iin the house come down the stairs out the front door and float around your car and then it will go back in the house not to long after you will hear a woman scream to pay respect to the spirits you must honk three times before you cross back over the bridge to leave even though I was only a little girl at the time I know what I saw was true just ask the locals everybody around the area knows the story

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