I was about five years old in 1985 and we were going to visit my aunt because she was very ill. We were origanly going to stay for a week but our time was cut off. it was too long ago to remember exactly where it was but i remember that i had a very odd and unfriendly felling in my gut. and as we arrived, i looked out the window and I saw a young girl. And i did not have any femal cousins or sisters. i was an only child. So i asked my mom who is that? She looked and said who? theres no one there? But i destinctly remember she was starring right at me. like she knew that i can see her. When i got out of the car i went up to her and said hi, my name is ----. (i didnt write my name to protect my identity) she said in a almost demoic voice "my name is anistasha come play." and then she just ran into the woods next to the house. as i was going to chase her my mother said not to play in the woods. so i went inside. i was confused at this point because i asked everyone that was there and no one has seen her. Nothing else happend that day untill I went to bed. i was awoken but someone shuving my off my bed. and i looked up and saw her. the little girl. she said come play with me. and i said ok being a foolish little girl. she told me to take the knife from the kichen and cut my aunts breathing tube. she convinced me some how i dont remember but i think she said do it for me it will be fun. as i was walking over to my aunts room my mother came out of her room and said ---- what are you doing with that knife?! i said anistasha told me to cut the tube. and after that my parents started to get erritated with me suposible making up lies about her. and as the time goes on she kept getting me to do her dirty work i dont remember everything but i remember that and to throw a rock at my mother. my mother ended up in the hospital. after that my aunt passed and we were the first one to leave. and as i got older i started to look though my aunts trunk she left my family and i found a news artical from 1864 stating that a 5 year old girl was raiped and murderd by her parents and her aunt.they drowned her in the lake in lake in the woods and claimed she had run away because they were unfair to her need and most people didnt belive that was true but there were no evedincee they did it. So one day some one was fishing with his son and discoverd an 6 year old little girl. I think that she is angry and thats why her energy is still there.

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