Ramona, Ca.

I spent the night in a house that was bought by some friends as a weekend getaway. The story was that it had originally been the Ramona Town Jail (With the hanging tree still out front). One night the jail burned to the ground,killing a couple of prisoners that were locked up.They re-located the jail, but did not bury the dead prisoners, instead, building The Ramona stagecoach Stop on top of their remains. Over the years there were many Stagecoach accidents near the property, resulting in quite a few deaths,& the Stop was used to inter the bodies.

The Stagecoach Stop closed, and the building remained vacant until these friends bought the property back in the 60s-70s. When they moved in, the place was still furnished, although falling apart. When they moved an armoire in an upstairs room, they found the remains of a body, slightly mummified by the desert heat, behind it. It had left an outline of the body on the wall, & no amount of paint or wallpaper could get rid of that image, it just kept reappearing. They would come home to find the fireplace lit, and heard footsteps, stomping around. When I spent the night there (in the "mummy" room)I also awoke to footsteps stomping around my bed. Several hours later, the bed started shaking violently, almost throwing me out of it. I called the news the next morning to see if there had been an earthquake, but no siesmic activity had been reported. I can't testify to the authenticity of the stories about the origins of the house-only my own experiences there.(This happened in the late 80s)

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