Ramada Hotel in West Fort Lauderdale Florida.

by Stacey Vang
(Sheboygan, Wisconsin)

Just this past june my fiance and I tooked a vacation and had made reservations to stay there for two nights in Ramada Hotel before going on our cruise.

After spending the first night there, durring the early morning around 6 am I got up and making my way to the elevator.

Because i'm not from the area I wanted to go down to the lobby and grab some brochures to see what types of restaurants they have in the area so my fiance and I could go out for breakfast that morning.

I was on the third floor up when I got into the elevator. As I enter inside the elevator I can sense something was a little strange but not sure what it is.

Then, I press the lobby button to go down to the lobby but it tooked me to the fourth floor instead. I thought that was weird since I am the only person on that elevator at that time.

Anyway, as I approached the fourth floor the elevator door open. There was nobody there. Then I thought to myself what's going on here because usually when this happens you have someone on the other end pressing the button to a different floor so the elevator can move to that floor but not in this case.

As the elevator was closing I notice a reflection on the wall. It was an old man. His head was facing down. He Had a white t shirt on and a tan short. He was standing in the corner and had his legs cross on one side like he was relaxing while waiting for the door to open.

First I thought maybe it's just my imagination. I turn and look around the elevator and no one ws there but me.

I turn back to the wall and the reflection of that old man was still there. I immediately panic because I knew I was the only one in that elevator.

I think to myself..oh god oh god what to do..what to do...right before it was shut I reach my arm out to the senser so it opens again. I

was o scare that I went to go knock on the neareast door across the elevator. A lady came and open the door and asked me what I Wanted.

I told her I was sorry and then I decided to take the stairs and ran down as fast as I could. When I got to the lobby came straight to the front desk and was feeling like I was running out of breath.

I had to sit down and take some deep breath. I just cannot believed what I just saw. I told the lady in the front desk about my encounter with the elevator ghost and they had moved us down to the first floor so we don't have to get on the elevator again.

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