Rail Road Crossing in Texas of children pushing cars across rail road tracks.

Don't know about photo being real or not but, STORY is real but, you have the wrong town in fact it's several miles away from that sight. YES, a bus full of children died on tracks but, not there. At that very sight your talking about there has only been 2 reported deaths. There my family, so please have your facts correct before posting incorrect info. The reason why your car will go up hill over the tracks is because, you are going down hill pushing you up over a slight hill. As shown on "Fact or Fake" the TV show. Please people STOP trying this out. You can not hear the trains coming & you will DIE like my little sister & her friend did years ago. There is no children pushing you over the tracks its called GRAVITY & if you don't STOP you will be the next GHOST in the photos.

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