Rail Crossing Ghost

by Lily Mountjoy
(Hopewell VA USA)

Yes it's true about rail crossing ghost. there are children in the bus were killed by train- it was about 1950s to 1960s.
They (spirits) pushed some car without any knowledge, to push for these safety.
They did test with baby powder on the back trunk where it was "push" by children.
Try that. it's true.


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Sep 30, 2015
by: Kurt Perry

Sounds interesting! Where can I find that place?

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Dec 03, 2014
Rail crossing ghost NEW
by: Pavitra

This picture seems to be very realistic and a bit haunting not so scary but not bad..

Mar 06, 2013
seen the real story NEW
by: carrie

The other comment is right saw the same show :(

Jul 03, 2011
learn facts not fiction.
by: Anonymous

Sorry but that road going to the railroad crossing is actually slightly down hill until right before the tracks it then goes up. cars are just simply coasting down hill and then go up hill right at the tracks. watched the geographical survey done on that road. ( no kids pushing) and those kids on a bus died about 150 miles from that town. dont beleive me go let a ball roll down hill.

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