Raddision Prince Charles Hotel, Fayetteville NC

by Eric J
(Wilmington NC)

I was visiting Fayetteville from Wilmington band stayed at the current Raddison Prince Charles Hotel, then Clarion.

My girlfriend was waiting to pick me up at the train depot nearby, and I instructed her to go to the library to pull the historical record of the hotel.

One newspaper clipping detailed a story about a married prohibition era police chief who was visiting, or staying in a room on the corner of the 6th floor.

Shortly after 830pm he was found shot in the head while lying on his side on the bed. The GSW was from a difficult angle, but the death was ruled a suicide without any further evidence. Apparently, a local gang had recently threatened him.

I apologize for not having the the exact facts, I have the newspaper clipping around somewhere, but you probably could find it yourself by calling the library.

I also heard the story of the bride who jumped to her death but I couldn't find any historical backing.

Lastly, employees told me of many WWII era men drinking in the bar at all hours of the night and morning. Some are seen to walk through walls.

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