Quesnel bc canada

by Saige
(Canada british calumbia quesnel)

Once i was using a ouija board me and my foster sister made it we went down stairs And lit some candles and us a pop bottle lid for the cominacation davice so there was 3 of use all girls my foster sister camrin said she has done this before And nothing bad had happens so we weren't scared so we went on and did it I started feeling uneven I had bad chills I new something was wrong but I didn't want sound Scared so I didn't say anything and shrugged it off Althought I still felt that way my foster sister bailey said how did u die and it sPelt out the axact way u will all of a sudden I new we had to leave but then there was a random gust of wind there was no windows or a thing nothing that could of made wind and blew out the candles I felt around for the lighter but couldn't find it the wind was still blowing it was pitch black I herd my foster sister scram I finally found the lights and yelled stop! and it stopped when the lights where on my foster sisters neck was bleeding she was wearing a cross neckles it was jabbed in the side of her neck we ran up the stairs and there was the lighter on the top of the stairs all scratched up and thAt was the end We never used a ouija board again my fOster sister went to the hospital And was ok Other then she now has a scar there but ya that's my story it's true to I always read story's like this and never believed them till now so when u play with a ouija board use a real one Nd bless the bored and say good bye properly too I never sleep without a light now ..

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