Putnam Connecticut, Putnam Housing

by C

My family has been here for over 2 years, and odd things have continued to happen, and have only increased. We have a toddler, and she has been found screaming and crying, while pointing at the ceiling - when nothing could be seen- a few times, in her bedroom. Her toys have gone off for no reason, with no one in the room, Sometimes one will go off upstairs, then one downstairs or vice versa. Doors have shut or opened on their own, I've HEARD them open or shut, but never seen them do it physically. I will close a door- and 5 minutes later, it is open again. One day we came home only to find our bathroom door shut, bathroom light on, and the toilet seat down- we NEVER do any of these things when we leave the house. No one was seen breaking in- it was in the afternoon. The bedroom light was also plugged in- when I left it unplugged that morning. I have heard "clicking" sounds coming from the staircase. The cats hisses at the stairwell almost every day- and in my bedroom especially- they will GLARE at one spot in the air and hiss at it. My husband has experienced things falling to the ground near him, and he has no clue how they even got there to begin with. One of our cats was very emotionally disturbed for months- she refused to leave my bedroom, and whenever she would hear us coming upstairs, she would yowl and cry- in a way that I've never heard from her before. She was perfectly healthy, but something terrified her so badly that she refused to ever move out of the windowsill more than once or twice a day.

I am DESPERATELY looking for more info on Putnam, especially the housing authority, because these things are very odd, and I've heard that people have experienced things too, but haven't seen any pictures, or anything at all...if there are more stories, I'd be happy to hear them. Thank you.

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