punta gorda, The freeman house

by Salena

There have been reports of seeing strange figures in the halls of the huge house... The freeman house was accompanied by of course, The Freemans... In the 1900's this house was just built and full of a happy family... Apparently when the wife died of an illness that was spreading throughout punta gorda at the time... So then now it is called the most historical house in Punta Gorda because not only was the family rich but also well known throughout the town while also being a very rude and awful family! Beggars were KNOWN to come to The Freeman house... The whole family hated beggars while always either poisoning or killing them...One day a beggar caught them shopping at a local market... Not knowing that the beggar was the wife of the husband the Freemans killed... The unknown woman killed all of the freemans and burnt the inside of there house... Today the house is redone by actual family members! Also... People that tour the house have quite the experience they not only get to hear the story but see it. For some odd reason the ghosts put on a show everytime you come in! they re-enact the whole killing!

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