Possed by an Orb

by Miguelángel Moreno
(Madrid, Madrid, Spain.)

When I was 17 around 1980 I used to see in our home in Kearny, NJ a bluish orb at night floating around the hall that led to my bedroom. One night I saw the orb moving towards me and it crash into my head! I felt dissy as if I had bubles coming inside my head, I tried to turn the light of my room but was completely paralized. I couldn't even scream if I wanted to. I was so afraid that I receited the whole bible and asked God to take the deamon off my head! Then it left me! I thought it was just a bad dream but many years later my kid brother, now a grown man, told my mother that it had seen a blue orb on one night coming into my head! I had never told no one of this event so I felt afraid and chilled at the thought!

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