portland, w.wilson, res 2

by wayne wilson
(milwaukie oregon)

i dont know if this relates to anything thats been talked about here, but in 1985 my cousin had already joined a month earlier so my now brother inlaw at the time a friend, had joined well ya know how yur on probation period before they allowe yoy a pass to gi into seaside..... but of course that didnt stop the determinded. there was said to be a cut in the fence at the end of this trail. so any way its dark and you shouldnt us a flash light cause you may get caught so winging it solo i headed into the woods never doing this before not knowing what to exspect. i was lost but kept hearing what i thought to be my friend and family whispering " this way- this way" so i followed this voice then all at once it said " stop, go left" and at that moment i stopped i was looking over the egde of a 20-30' drop from the valley cliff side. continued left never head the voice again and acordinng to my friends they never spoke a word, as a matter of fact they said they had just arrived ad i stepped from the bush. bet if that voice had not told me to stop when i did i may have very well died that night from a fall. im a believer!

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