Portland Oregon

oh southwest 71st street and garden home... many memories. the scariest of which were in one of the apartment complexes (cannot tell you which one because it is occupied) has been a MAJOR haunt. one lady got pushed down the stairs in her house (we were 2 apartments away at the time...) and i had seen and felt some weird things. one night i decided to take some pictures! (no i do not have these pictures at the moment... i can get them later.) that was a bit of a mistake. my room i had pictures taken in the dark and some of them turned out just fine... but other had a few white lines going vertically up ad down. hey that could be the flash right? but that was nothing compared to when i snapped a photo and found a colorful orb going in an area that we felt uncomfortable in anyway the corner next to a window... right where my head lay. and i took the photo and later edited it. made it gray added saturation you know. then right next to this orb i saw a face. clear as a bell. bearded, eyes, mouth everything. not angry but hanging around for sure.

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