by juliana
(Pleasant Hill)

i was about 5,4,6 i dont know it was a long time ago so i think 9years old i lived in this house in Pleasant Hill CA (dont stalk me thx )and every weekend i mean EVERY weekend i would come over its like we were twins and we could never be separterated so we used to play in her room and she had this rocking chair actually 2 two and me and her talked and for some reason i had a interest for ghost the paranormal about that she said she always heard things the things she heard were knocking at her window she said it was a little girl she said the little girl was see through and later that day it was about 3:00pm and i took out my computer and wrote down the address and looked up the history in the house and it said that there used to live a little girl age 6 and she died with her parents in the house the mother left the stove on to long and a fire happen and later that day i fell asleep i heard things i saw her.........................TO HEAR MORE GO TO OURWORLD AND FRIEND ME MY NAME IS SELENA7871 AND ASK ME !!!!!!!! BYE ;)

P.S. good luck i found out the girls name is rosie and she coming after you good luck when shes around you wil feel a coldness look behind u shes there u might not see her but she sees u !!! :) GOOD LUCK !mmmmmmhahahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA!!!!!!!!!!

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