Pittsford VT, Pittsford Fire Dept's Haunted House


The fire dept has been doing a haunted house for over 35 years for a fun raiser for the fire dept. but in all reality the place is really haunted. around 1960's the building was a hospital for children with TB (tuberculosis) and it was a center for mental health. there was a nurse there named Amy, and she was the head nurse there. around 1975 ish she died on the sitars headed to a crying patient. she has been seen around the house ever since. and people and firefighters have said they can hear crying in the building. people have seen figures on the stairs of a nurse and told the fireman about the the loved the costume and they are informed that there is no one dressed up as a nurse. i personally have seen shadows move in front of windows and heard foot steps when i am the only one in the building and the whole house is about 20 degrees colder all year around. every year i get multiple story's about people having strange things happen to them.

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