Pittock Mansion, Portland, OR

by Natasha Benn
(Salem, OR)

Although the Pittock Mansion website says nothing about the place being haunted, volunteer guides tell visitors about the msyteriously vanishing picture of the former owner which later shows up in some odd place, like under the bed. The picture vanishes only after all visitors have gone and the mansion is closed and locked. A little girl died in the basement, according to the verifiable history of the house.

I visited the house in mid-June one year during a fairly hot day. I did not sense anything in the basement where the little girl died, but i received a surprise when walking across the broad landing at the top of the gracefully curving main staircase. At the head of the stairs hang two large portraits, one of the former owner and one of his wife. Roughly in front of the lady's portrait was a bone-chillingly cold spot. I felt around, and determined that there was no natural draft of air feeding into it. The air was qute still and warm all around it; and by stepping in and out of it, I determined that the cold spot was distintly defined and measured about 3 1/2 feet in diameter. In the bedroom where the picture disappears, while standing near the fireplace, I had the uncomforable sensation of someone or something trying to stand in the same spot as me. The entity was not hostile, but it was assertive, as if it wanted to be recognized. Interestingly, Mr. Pittock, a newspaperman, was described when living as having had a strong and dominant personality.

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