pink house on the corner

by clorinda
(pasco washington)

when i was younger my grandmas sisters lived in this pink house just around the corner where we stayed.they moved out a few years later and me and my sister thought it would be cool to go in check it out we brought a few friends and the door was unlocked so we went through the house we heard foot steps coming from upstairs and we heard banging downstairs and there was no one there so we go down to the basement we look at the walls as we go down and there is marks on the wall that looked like someone struggling trying to get out and we heard a voice get out and so we run up the stairs and my friend gets pulled down the stairs and she is screaming grabbing the walls and i grab her hand and i heard in my ear let her go and i finally get her up and we left the house never to return again today its vacant everytime someone moves in they move out after a few months

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Jun 21, 2013
That's a total bs
by: Anonymous

Just like Amityville Horror house except it's pink. Get Evidence before posting crap like that.
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