Pike Place Public Market Nicholas

by Nicholas
(Kent washington, USA)

One evening, I was at the Public Market with my friend, we were there for a couple hours, like 3-4.

We were walking down the hill, we see the market, we walk into it, to watch the people throw fish, my friend and I walked down towards the middle, we walked a little more, we turned at the wrong time.

We were at the wrong place, at the wrong time! There was the ghost, standing right by the guy selling stuff.

I said "Watch Out!" the guy said "why, whats going on?" my friend said look on the left of you, I said there it is.

The guy working for the market turned his head, then turned his head right back as if he saw the ghost. I said "Bryan, we HAVE to go!" He said "Ok, let's go!"... and my friend and I, have never seen the Public Market since August 1, 2008!

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