Pickens Oklahoma, Destani

by Destani
(Pickens OK)

I have had many experiences in my house not just me but many other people have too. One of the many stories is this.

My Mom and dad had to leave early in the morning about 3. It was just me my sister in law both of my nephews and my cat in the house. We got my nephews asleep both of them being babys. We thought to pass time that we would just play a game on our phones and ipods. We had all of the lights turned off in the house so the babys could sleep. One of the boys was at the end of the couch by my feet. The other boy was in a carseat because he likes to sleep in it sometimes. He was on the other couch by my sister in law. Anyways As soon as we got comfortable on the couches I turned on my ipod. Just before that I had a weird feeling I kept looking down my hallway but I couldn't see anything. When I laid down I heard some loud footsteps it sounded like a grown man with some kind of workboots on. I looked behind me and I saw my cat running out from my hallway. (My cat is a small cat and could never make that sound.) I raised up and the footsteps came right behind my couch and stopped right infront of my nephews head. All I was worried about was my nephew. I grabbed him and ran over to the farthest side of the room. I told my sister in law to grab my other nephew. I was in such a state of shock I was shaking and crying. I couldn't control it. Even my sister in law was crying. She asked me what that was and I couldn't tell her because I had no clue. Many people have seen a black figure in my house including me. I have heard things seen things and things in my room have even fallen off shelves. The only place that anyone has seen this black figure in my house is crossing from my brothers room across the hall to my room. I really believe my house is haunted....

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