by Nije

Growing up i philly i experienced a lot of strange and unusual things. Well, not exactly strange to me. For as long as i can remember, i have always Seen things others can't or refuse to See, i have Heard things that are not meant to be Heard in this realm, and i have Felt things that do not exist in this dimension. My earliest child hood memories are of Shadow children as i had called them then. They would come at night after everyone else had fallen asleep, making noises, playing with my siblings toys, opening and closing doors, windows, and cabinets, running up and down the stairs, singing and writing on the walls. i have severe insomnia, and i had always been awake during these events, usually occuring at around 3:00 am.

One night, when i was about 8 or 9, i had gotten up to use the bathroom. Before leaving my room i checked the time, something i had done frequently, and it stated it was 2:58 am. When i opened my door to go into the hallway, there was a little girl standing in my doorway. I had never seen this girl before and she looked to be just about the same age as i. She had blonde hair that was in two pigtails, bright green eyes, and had on a red and blue dress. I knew something wasn't right because the dress looked really old, like a dress from the early sixties, and this was the late ninties. In her hand was my collectable teddy bear from a company that didn't even exist any more. I never took this bear out of its case, so i was pretty upset when i saw it swinging freely from her hand.

I looked her square in the eyes and asked "Who are you and how and why do you have my bear?" At first, she didn't answer, just stood there and stared back at me as i stared at her. Then, she turned her back towards me and
turned the corner leading to the stairs. "Where are you going?" i asked her but she only looked back and out a finger to her lips as though to shush me. Then, with the same finger, beckoned me to follow her. By this time, i forgot about using the bathroom and was only interested in this strange little girl in my house with my teddy bear. So, i started to follow her downstairs into the living room.

When i reached the bottom of the stairs, she was no where in sight. "Hello?" i whispered this about three times into the darkness before i heard a giggle come from behind me. I turned around and there she was on the stair right above me. "How did you do that?" i asked. "I'm Samantha." was the only thing she said. This was the first time she spoke to me and i knew immediately something was off. Her voice sounded broken, as if we were on the phone and one of us had just driven into a tunnel, but she was standing right in front of me. I backed off of the bottom step and lifted my hand up. "Well, Samantha, thats my bear and i would like it back, and since my moms asleep you have to leave now."

She snatched the bear away from me and had became extremely aggitated. I had had enough and grabbed my bear out of her hands. She immediately disappeared. I became confused. I wasn't scared, i just simply did not know where she had gone. I went back upstairs to put my bear back in its box, but the box had been destroyed. I put the bear back on the bed and looked at the clock again, this time it said 3:15 am. I realized i still had not gone to the bathroom. As i was leaving my room, my door slammed shut, missing my fingers by millimeters. The slamming door woke everyone in the house, but no one was in the hallway when it slammed.

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