perkansville indiana

by kim youngshepherd
(sarasota florida)

my house and surrounding area where i grew up in indiana at the crossroads of cross st. and hamilton rd . it is on the dividing line between anderson and perkinsville. the entire area is plagued by strange lights, circumstances, structural building problems, noise, in and around the houses, doors opening closing, light orbs, and poltergeist activity. some people have been physically threatened by this activity. legend has it this is an area where surrounding indian tribes would leave their dead and dying, diseased deranged and aging civilians outcast from the rest of their society.

the neighbor in back of us, their house would have ceiling cave in's and could not find the problem but then their dogs died in their kennel, and then later the new owners had lamas mysteriously die.
the house on the other side of hamilton had doors and voices to the extint they would only use one part of the house. the house next to them suffered a horrible accident their baby accidentally rolled down the driveway and was hit by a semi truck. i don't know if it is related to area.
our own circumstance concerned the original builders of the house their son was burned by a fireball and their dog was found dead in the attic. the house was built in 72. we bought it in 77. it had sat empty for 3 years until we bought it. my mother worked for the architect at the time. personally we experienced flying objects banging on the walls, vehicles rocking in the garage, doors opening, foot steps, light orbs, a female figure sitting on the beds,
and growling and glowing eyes. our cats and dog would stay out of certain areas of house and even backpedal to keep from getting into the areas. many times they would sit and growl at the air. this would happen at all times of the day and night. but more often during cooler months or so we thought. it seemed if we kept the door open to the garage from the house we had less incident. but it happened enough that our friends and family did not want to visit of if they did they did not come inside. we did have ministers and mediums come over to bless and cleanse but it did not stop anything. we were told the same thing that the house was built on top of a gateway.
we sold the house in 2010. my father had a heart attack when it sold. we were packing when he was dieing. we had to put his dog down too she suffered a horrible seizure when he died. but the house plumbing exlpoded and sewer too. it was as if the house was mourning his death. the plumber could not find anything wrong. we don't know if the new owners have experienced anything. i hope our father's death put a cap on the trouble.
he was very happy there. he loved the woods. even when we were packing i would not be alone in the house. it felt silly after all those years, but i still had the feeling that something wasn't would be nice to think they both found peace my father with his dog and the house.

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