Perfect circles of light on my video cam

by Kim
(Yucca valley, ca)

I have a video surveillance cam in my living rm/ dining rm with a live feed so i can watch on my computer from anywhere. Didnt get this for purpose of seeing orbs. Just looked it up and read the word orb for the first time right now. It is 12:30am and me and my 5 yr old grandson are here alone and cant sleep. We heard a clicking noise. Thought it was a water drip. Went searching for it. Turned out to be the cam. Didnt know why so i went in bedrm to look at on comp. picture was black so i turned on the night vision. Then i see something i have never seen before and i watch this video lots of times when i am away from home. What i see is little lights flying all around. I wonder if it is dust falling. Maybe because the cieling fan was on a few hours ago. But that dont seem right. Maybe because we are simply here and moving around stiring up dust? So i continue watching. Nothing about it seems right. It isnt particals falling to the floor. Some are bigger and slower so i can get a look. Perfectly round spheres of light. Flying across and swooping up. Very creepy. Ive heard of cameras picking up strange lights that people think are ghosts. Are these good or bad or something to fear?

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May 14, 2014
Orbs NEW
by: JC

What you have described is not thought to be harmful. Orbs are very common and just like we humans, are made up of energy. They could be spirits that have not fully manifested. I have many photos of them and truly do not fear them. If there is a story that goes along with them such as creepy things happening in the house around you, then I would be concerned and would do my research. There are times when people really need to move/relocate. Yours does not sound like one of those times.

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