Penny Rd, East Dundee, IL

I got off work and I took this road that my co-workers told me of that was haunted , they said that there was alot of massacre their. So I got off work at around 3:00 am and went to it and when I came to a split road it had a sign of two arrows pointing different directions so I took the left one and I drove slowly in and it said no outlet . So the car was still going and it got harder to see both on my mirrors and even with the high beams on. So I looked up at my top mirror and there was a dark shadow that was about 8-10 ft away from my rear window. So I put the van on reverse and I stepped on it . And then I took penny rd. and there was a curve that I almost flipped over on because I was going like 80 mph . And after that day I havnt stepped on that road. Thank you

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