Pawtucket , Rhode Island K.W.P.R.S

I recently moved to this location unknowing what to expect ... a short time later I find that i'm not the only one staying here . I am the founder of Kalmwolf Paranormal Research Study ( K.W.P.R.S ) E.V.P / Orbs and a shadow figure .. the E.V.P's caught were of human spirit yet two or three seemed to have a demonic presence to them both in feeling and voice . The orb was roughly 6'inc in diam and was translucent light pink it just went on its own and then vaporized into nothing . I've encountered locations with such activity however never thought i'd be living in one , shall I attempt to release what is here ... perhaps after iv'e studied it more after all I've been doing this research for over thirty years and am well seasoned .

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