Paul Bellamy furniture store in kingsport TN

by Shyann
(kingsprt, TN)

I am 13 years old, and i never believed in ghost, I always thought it was just another way to make someone afraid. Well, my mother wanted a new mattress and told me to come with her and check some out. So I went and I was on the other side of the store. The place was closed and me and her were the only ones in there but one girl that stayed with my mom talking. I went a floor higher to check out the couches and rugs. I sat down and fixed my necklaces, because they were crooked,and then I looked on the other side about 5 feet away and noticed the cough was slumped in, as if someone was sitting, of coarse I thought it was how it looked before. Then I heard a noise, I went after the noise to "debunk" the noise. But I could not find the noise. I came back to get my necklace i laid down. But the necklaced was moved and it was laying on the now un-slumped chair. I grabbed my necklace and headed a floor higher. Then I felt as if someone was watching and walking behind me. I turn cautiously to see who, or what was watching me. Then something cold came over me and i got a little light headed something pointed me toward the old elevator that had stopped working years ago. I walked over, to afraid of going in. There were voiced in my head as if people were in the elevator, and i was holding the door so they couldn't go higher or lower. i stepped back and the mumbles stopped. i turned and saw a shadow leaning over a mattress. I ran into my mom 3 floors lower and I felt a cold breeze hugging my shoulder and i heard mt name i turned to look at my mom but my mom was in the back room I asked her if she said my name but she said no. I began to look at some old book the lady said they found and i felt my hand move along the pages until i found a first name and my hand didn't move the name was Marry. then I looked up at the top step and the cold air went up the stairs i decided not to follow it because i had an uneasy filling. We walked out of there and I haven't went back. Do you blame me? I did some research and could find nothing on the place... and my family does not believe that i experienced and bit of this. If i could talk to someone who has had an experience that would make me feel better. :)

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