Pamela Ross

by Pamela Ross

Once, about 2-3 years back I got invited to the most richest and most popularist girl home for a sleepover. I didn't know why (considering I was the biggest dork in school) but I accepted and showed up. Since this was the first sleepover that I've been to hat was so far away, I started missing my mom very badly. I lexi (the girl who had invited me over) if I could call my mom. The moment after I said that everyone started teasing me. Soon I snuck away and called my mom to come and pick me. When I was safe in he car I started crying to her telling her what happened. Later, that morning my mom drove me to back to the house so I could "tell hem how I felt". I couldnt find them downstairs so I went upstairs to lexis room only to find it empty. I looked around the room and found a bloody Lexi lying on the ground next to a bloody knife.

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