Palmer, Alaska

The Palmer cemetery located about a mile outside of town. On the left outbound on the old Glen hiway. Twice this has happened to me, once during late fall, the second during the night in the mid January time frame. I would be driving back from Palmer to my home on Maud road. Both times my vehicle, once a car and the second time a pickup would suddenly break down and die to a stop along the hiway. Each time I was approach by an elderly man looking very rugged claiming he was vising a family member in the cemetery paying respects. I naturally thought the first time was normal, no matter that he walked out of the back of the graveyard with no vehicle and vanished once a AST trooper arrived to assist. The second time at 0130 in the night during the dead of winter, again to only vanish after I got a vehicle to pull over for a ride home.

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