packwood cemetary

by sunshine germaine
(methow washington 98834 okanogan county washington)

i went there with my brother and neibor and we instantly had a wierd feeling, my neighbor wouldnt go inside. we got out of the car and walker in. after walking around for a bit we heard whisperes coming from over the cliff, where the native american graves were. we walked over to see if people were there, but it was just us, the flashlight gave out so we started to walk back, but my brother tripped and fell over a grave. when he went to look at wat tripped him he saw, what he thought was a pile of sticks, but he picked one up and immediatly freaked, it was a pile of human arm and leg bones!!! WE RAN FOR THE CAR AND HAVNT BEEN BACK SINCE, but someone should check out the whispering we heard. it sounded distinktly like 2 males, mabe they were some of the indians that were burried there.

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