Our Lady of Fatima School/Church Baltimore, Maryland

by Rebekah
(Baltimore, Maryland)

Ever since I was 3 I attended Our Lady of Fatima School Pre-K up until 8th grade. My mother had been a teacher there for many years, so I was there on a weekly basis early in the mornings, and as late as 11 P.M. at night. The School is attached to the Church, and the Church also has a basement, which includes the gym, a daycare room, a dining hall, a library, and a computer room. The second floor contains Pre-K through 5th grade, including the Church. The third floor contains classrooms 6th through 8 and the Nuns rectory. I spent most of my time in the 8th grade room where my mother taught, she was in the choir so I would stay up stairs all alone while she was in the church singing. The room was all tidy, the chairs sat neatly on top the desk, and the boards cleaned and were wiped with all impurities. One night when i was in my mothers 8th grade class room I was sitting down at her desk doing homework, and I thought I heard someone say something, and than it sounded like chalk was writing up against a board. I was really shaken up but ignored it, and continued doing my homework. A minute later the two desks that sat in front of my mothers desk, both the chairs had fallen off and sat perfectly erect like someone should sit in them. I panicked, I hop out of my seat and ran down the hallway to get out of the building and as I was running down the hall way every toilet in the mens bathroom had started flushing. And I was the only one on that floor. Or was I? I currently started to become a night janitor cleaning the bingo hall of Fatima. We clean around 11 P.M. to 1 A.M. on Friday nights. I

was cleaning the womens bathroom and I had just finished cleaning every stall, so I went to grab the mop to mop the floor. As I got to the very last stall, the door would not open. I tugged and I budged, but it was locked from the inside and you can't unlock it from the outside. I had to get a friend to crawl under the stall and actually get the door open. Another night I had went into another part of the building to get cleaning supplies, as my friend and I opened the door, we saw a man's figure lit up and looked at eachother and ran, and it took us another 15 minutes until we were able to go back into that room again we were so shaken up. The same night we had just finished mopping the floors and we were sitting on top of a table waiting for them to dry so we could leave. It was 1 A.M. we were tired so we weren't talking, just sitting there quiet, and we heard what sounded like heavy foot steps walking on the wet floor. We looked at eachother and just decided to run out of the building. The last experience I have had there was I was cleaning the women's bathroom, and again I went to go change the soap to the sink and I saw a white ball just zoom by and disappear into the wall. I was terrified and I made my friend stay in the bathroom with me until I was done cleaning. I feel that Fatima is truely haunted. I don't know with what, but I know those experiences make me believe that there is definately something supernatural, and real beyond our capability of knowledge. I will most likely continue to see activity. And I am ready to try and embrace it and not run away.

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