Ouija Board Coincidence? -Vinton, IA

by Vicki

My best friend and I graduated in 2008 in the small Iowa town of Vinton. We decided to pick up an Ouija Board for a cheap thrill and pressumed to play with it in her boyfriend's garage.

The "spirit" we were conversing with told us her name was Shara. Among our many questions, we asked "what gender will our first children be?" Shara informed me that I would have a boy, and my best friend's first would be a girl.

We laughed and rolled our eyes, but by a year later, I indeed did have a baby boy, and now this year (2011) my best friend is pregnant, and the ultra-sound is showing she's having a girl.

Of course we're still skeptical, but you have to admit that it's quite the coincidence!

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