Ottumwa - Mars Hill

My family happens to own the graveyard. That is where my ancesters are buried. I will tell you right now, That Mars Hill is very creepy. But the stupid story about finger prints on your car is not true. Infact, It's way more creepier than that. You see, My great grandma is buried in that cementary and we use to have a solar powered mocking bird that changed colors. (Which got stolen by the way you thief!) Well, I decided to wonder off to the cementary, Because I had a rough night and I liked to talk to my grandma about that kind of stuff. Anyway, It was dark and the bird, of coarse can not light up, so I went into my conversation and I kept hearing voices, just whispering around me, I get kinda spoked. SO I kissed my grandma's grave stone and as I'm getting up to leave, The mocking bird lights UP! I mean, it's dark, no sun, just the moon. Tat was enough for me, I started walking slowly to the church so I could head out, But then, I felt a hand on my shoulder. i didnt' even bother to turn around because I ran so fast to my house I could've puked!

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