Oregon, Beaverton City

by Christopher Y.
(Oregon, Beavterton)

One day, I moved to United States and I came from Philippines. I lived in an apartment in Beaverton at Country Oak's Apartment. There that where I saw the dopple Ganger Spirit. It mimics my mother's form and playing hide and seek, but I tell you this spirit can worsen your life because they make me feel more depressed. I don't know why I felt that way but I'm not mistaken that it is the deed of Demons. Then, I moved out to another apartment named GreenBoro Way Apartment(New name, WestBury Apartment.) A couple of weeks later, we heard a swaying in the ceiling like the cause of slow walking something in the ceiling. Then, I went to bed at 11:00PM, I felt footstep in my bed. Then a strong scent of burning rubber too! My window was closed and I don't see anyone burning rubbers at the moment. Then suddenly, a very loud growl loudly in my right ear. I was very scared but I definitely don't get destroyed by this demon because they are weakest spirit for me. Also, There is one more! At SW Spencer apartment in Beaverton! A WEIRD shadow girl showing its figure in my room touching my chest. OREGON, Beaverton IS FILLED WITH DEMONS. I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED OR SEEN THESE DEMONS IN MY ENTIRE LIFE IN PHILIPPINES. WOW!!!! I'm not crazy, I never drugs or any thing that will make a person high. NO NO NO. I'm very healthy with very healthy diet plan and cleansing diet! I'm NO CRAZY.

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