by Mark Alan Grove
(Barboursville, WV, USA)

My son Airen, his wife Jennifer, and thier 2 children kenny 4 and Kaylee 2.

The day after they moved in Kenny came to me and asked Who Frank is.

Well my sister is married to Frank , but that was not the Frank this Frank looked different .

He has long dark hair with red in it his face is gray with red on it and he has places on his face.

The next day he told me Frank had built this house and had fallen off the roof and died .

It turns out a man did fall off the roof when the house was being built and he did in fact die .

We have always known something was here we just did not know what.

We went out and purchased a night vision cam and started recording where Kenny had said he saw Frank at/ We have been able to catch many videos of orbs some of these we posted on youtube at mag7898 code alan 1959 .

We also have had a group come into the house .

While they were here they did a flashlight test and it turned it on and off 2 different times in 2 different rooms.

Since they have left it has gotten more aggressive .

It has pushed 3 different people down the stairs not hurting anyone just banging them up a little me being one of them lol.

We own an Assisted Living Facility here in West Virginia so we have seen many deaths in the 20 yrs we have been in buss.

We had a medium come into the house and she felt there were more than one here and they each had different reasons for being here.

This property also was on Indian grounds.

We have so much going on and really dont know where to turn.

Any ideas would be appriciated.

Thanks in Advance
Mark Grove

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