Orbs at Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco, CA

by ~JC
(Minneapolis, Minnesota USA)

Mausoleum at Alcatraz

Mausoleum at Alcatraz

I took my mother on a trip to San Francisco back in 2008 to see Alcatraz. We took a boat out to the island where Alcatraz still stands. While peeking in the window of the old morgue (a small building to the back of the island, I felt extremely uncomfortable.

The section known as the C-Section of cells is said to be the most haunted - at least if you stay the night. (We were not there at a time when this opportunity was available.)

The isolation/segregation cells were also a location where I felt a strange uneasiness. If you get the chance to go there, try to book your trip at a time when there is a ghost hunt going on at night!

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