Orbs all around my house

by Hester
(West midlandS)

Sometime while at home I'll see orbs moving, when I take a video I see them moving all around the house, one after another. When something bad as happened in my life that I've had no control over I see these orbs more so, they become stronger. It feels good to know we are being protected by something beautiful because that's what they are 'beautiful' I speak to people about these orbs, the jokes and Mick recieve, most think I'm a weird women. Then I show them videos for prove, they still blame all this on me lol... I'm just a constant running joke, while writing this my partner jumped behind the door shouting out 'boo' but I'm glad I see them. I believe in angels but because of my friends and family I don't speak of this much, and because I work in a intensive care unit for people suffering from mental health, they may think I'm losing it. So this is something I hold precious just for me though my daughter also believes in angels too. I have asked for help when I most needed it and sometimes received this help instantly from angels. All I say is, believe that something beautiful is around you, some thing godly and holy. People that have passed over coming to protect you. Positive energy when you need it. This is a good thng and we are very lucky to beable to see them and receive them.

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