Orb that has a image of a man inside it.

by Rose
(Deale, Md. )

Rock & Roll Orb

Rock & Roll Orb

Hello, I would like to share my story and the pictures of a orb that was captured on camera about 2 years ago. I only just now discovered that there was a face in the orb.I play music in a band. On this night my husband was taking pictures. The next day while uploading pictures from my camera, I notice this orb next to me. The other night I was looking at some pictures I had saved in my computer and came across the picture. I decided to zoom in on the orb and to my surprise there is a full head shot of a man wearing a baseball cap. After looking at this picture again the next day, I see yet another face to the left of the image of a older man. I wanted to share the pictures in question. Thanks

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